Jacob’s Pickles

Location: 509 Amsterdam Ave. NY, NY (Upper West Side)

FAT Scale (Flavor, Appeal, Taste):  8.9/10

  • Flavor: Southern Comfort (American)
  • Appeal:  8.8/10
  • Taste: 9/10

HAPPY Scale (Hospitality, Atmosphere, Population, Price, Yearning for more): 8.5/10

  • Hospitality: 8/10
  • Atmosphere: 8.5/10
  • Population: Locals, College Students
  • Price: $$
  • Yearning for more:  9/10

I used to think that the Upper West Side was boring – filled with nothing but rich families that jet out to the Hamptons in the summer and tropical islands in the winter. Then I met Jacob. I may not love his pickles, but you know how in a relationship there are negotiables and non-negotiables? Well, with everything else he has to offer, I can put my hate for pickles aside because seriously – everything here is absolutely superb.

I usually brunch it (I hate/love that brunch is now also a verb) here more often than I go for lunch or dinner on a weekday, and there is always a wait. Unless you go early around 10AM, you will most likely wait upwards of 45 minutes, which to New Yorkers, is for some reason absolutely preposterous even though we live on a small island with millions of people. I digress.  But my advice  –  either 1) Don’t drink too much the night before and be a real human that gets up at a decent time , 2) Drink the amazing cocktails at the bar to treat yourself for not drinking too much the night before while you wait, or 3) Try and snag one of the first come, first serve tables outside by being that annoying hawk watching and pressuring that table to finish their 2 hour long conversation.

Regardless, Jacob’s Pickles is something you do not want to miss when you’re in the city, and I’ve got you covered for all the stuff to order. Try not to drool as you scroll.

Mushroom Mac n’ Cheese – if you don’t order this as your side, you’re doing it wrong.


Fried Chicken Bacon Pancakes – lather on their Homemade Syrup

Croque Madame – Fried Chicken, Bacon, Fried Egg, Bechamel Sauce, all between Homemade Biscuits


Strawberry French Toast – they take their Biscuit Batter and make it into French Toast. Pure Genius


Buffalo Chicken Mac n’ Cheese – a close second to their Mushroom Mac. This is all cheesy deliciousness.

Jam Jar – Strawberry Infused Gin with Lemonade and Fresh Strawberries. WARNING: they are lethal. Keep eating to soak it all up

That’s all I have for now fam.

Stay hungry,


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