Tuesdays at Tortaria


Location: 94 University Pl. NY,NY

FAT Scale (Flavor, Appeal, Taste): 7.8/10

  • Flavor: 7.7/10
  • Appeal: 8/10
  • Taste: 7.8/10

HAPPY Scale (Hospitality, Atmosphere, Population, Price, Yearning for more): 8/10

  • Hospitality: 9/0
  • Atmosphere: Fun, lively, atmosphere that dually purposes as a casual to-go spot and fun happy hour or brunch spot 
  • Population: Hipsters, yuppies, college students, people on break for lunch 
  • Price: $$
  • Yearning for more: 7/10

Let’s face it, New York City has a trend of doing Mexican really badly. I don’t know why, but we can’t get it right. It’s either tacky, Mexican-themed or upscale, bougie for no reason. However, Tortaria is one of the few bright shining lights in the almost impossible NYC Mexican food scene. From the freshly made guacamole, their jam-packed tortas, and fresh fruit margaritas, everything at Tortaria is great. Will it replace the absolutely mind-blowing Mexican that’s actually in Mexico or even Southern California? Of course not. BUT it does satisfy the craving for you New Yorkers looking for a solid option. It’s consistent, cheap, and delicious in its own right. So go. Whether it’s for a weekday lunch or happy hour or weekend brunch, Tortaria is worth being on your list.

The Rundown

If you go for brunch, this is exactly what I would order. Trust.

Guacamole – YES YES YES. Their guacamole is great here, and you might want it all to yourself.

Eggplant Torta – one of my favorite things on the menu! I think it’s balanced and packed with flavor and different textures that combine together very nicely.

Short Rib Torta – super tender and overall melt in your mouth good! For the meat lovers, this one is the one to get.

Their tacos aren’t my favorite thing here compared to everything else, but I LOVE these Shrimp Tacos. Get ’em.

And that’s all for now fam. Thank you for continually following along 🙂

Stay hungry,

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