The Sosta

The Sosta

186 Mott St. NY, NY 10012

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FAT Scale (Flavor, Appeal, Taste): 8.2/10

  • Flavor: 8.2/10
  • Appeal: 8.4/10
  • Taste: 8/10

HAPPY Scale (Hospitality, Atmosphere, Population, Price, Yearning for more): 8.3/10

  • Hospitality: 8.5/10
  • Atmosphere: 8.5/10
  • Population: People who care about the ‘gram aesthetic, those “scene” people, tourists following the crowd, people looking for a fast, relatively cheap, and slightly bougie lunch
  • Price: $$
  • Yearning for more: 8/10

Fast-casual. A buzz word that has been thrown around the industry like white on rice for the past year and a half. While it’s a concept that has been around since establishments like Panera, more and more unique “fast casual” spots have been opening up in NYC. Why? My speculation is that we’re getting lazier and lazier, but we all still want to feel like we’re eating quality food without feeling like a lazy piece of poop ordering Seamless or going to a fast food establishment. AKA – we’re becoming a generation of justifiers. But hey, I’m not judging, because I happen to be a big fan and supporter of these fast-casual spots.

A step up above fast food, and a level under a sit-down restaurant, The Sosta is one of those trendy, establishments serving quality Italian food, without the formal sit-down experience. The Sosta has also ditched the traditional mom-and-pop feel, with a very modern and marketable ambience. With one of the owners (Samantha Wasser) being the creative director behind the trendy By Chloe, you know The Sosta will be nothing short of cute, Instagrammable moments to attract the in-crowd.

But past the niceties, The Sosta IS serving up some pretty great stuff in a very short amount of time thanks to Chef Ali LaRaia. Plus, it’s nice that it is all super photogenic. All the pastas and sauces are homemade, and you can even purchase them to have it to make at home (Pasta: $4, Sauces: $9.99). The sandwiches are on point and satisfying. The gelatos are simple, straightforward, and are a great ending to a meal.

Long story short – does this replace sit-down Italian restaurants? No, not by any means. BUT, it is delicious, and I will definitely go back. It is a great lunch option when you’re in the area, or when you want something quick for yourself or with friends. Peep below for everything we ate.

Recommendation for the perfect meal here: Zucca Vodka, Pancetta Sandwich, and Nutella Gelato

Zucca Vodka 

  • Yes, yes, and yes. The Sosta makes a mean Vodka Sauce, and the interestingly shaped Zucca sobs it all up perfectly. We devoured this

Bucatini Arrabbiata 

  • Confession: Currently eating my leftovers of this as I write this article. I like it better after reheating it because it’s a little less al dente. I really like the Arrabbiata Sauce, but the Bucatini was a little thick and too al dente for my liking.

Pancetta Sandwich

  • Warm and buttery focaccia, a Pancetta Onion Jam that is just as amazing as it seems, Arugula, and Fresh Mozzarella. So simple, so delicious, and really all you need in a great sandwich.

Caesar Salad

  • I appreciate a good Caesar Salad, but I must say, I could have gone without this one and maybe tried another. This lacked some flavor for me, but I did like the added Radicchio

Roasted Cauliflower

  • Flavorful side that is good if you want some vegetables, but not an absolute necessity for your meal

Nutella and Pistachio Gelato 

  • Both were delicious. Quality gelato

That’s it for now, fam. This place is opening for brunch soon, so I’ll give you an update once I get to try that too.

Stay hungry,


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