11/4/2017: BFBH Daily

“Reputation is what you want people to think you are. Character is what you really are.” – Daily Hope with Rick Warren

This is something I think about a lot, especially as @befatbeappy grows and I continue to define and evolve my personal “brand”. Reputation can be a great thing; when you build up a great one, people respect and trust you, and your sphere of influence grows. Reputation can also be a bad thing, where just because a certain reputation proceeds you, people automatically make assumptions about who you are. We also tend to put a lot of effort into maintaining our reputation (especially on social media), and it can end up consuming people, making them prideful to a point where they’ll sacrifice to “save face”. Reputation is a dangerous concept, and I’m learning more and more how much it shouldn’t matter. And that as I go through life, it’s something super menial, yet something we try to hold onto and fight for. It’s a struggle, but as I truly think about it, I’m reminded how much power reputation loses if you don’t place your value in other people. When you stop living for other people or live to please others, you’ll stop caring so much about your reputation. People’s opinions don’t matter, and the only thing that truly does matter is who you are, and who you are in God’s eyes. When you stop living for what others think or what they perceive, it’s a freeing feeling. Care more about who you are, and how you’re growing and becoming a better person. Make God, his word, and truth the ultimate judge and standard, instead of other imperfect people may think.

Full devotional: http://pastorrick.com/devotional/english/full-post/how-your-courage-and-character-grow

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