11/5/2017: BFBH Daily

“Most people go through life defining their existence by what they think they can do. You are capable of so much more – through God’s power” – Daily Hope with Rick Warren

My devotion today talked about Daniel, and how God performed a miracle in him when he simply trusted God’s power to do so. With this whole @befatbehappy thing, I really do need God’s power to make eating and traveling my career, my business. I cannot do it on my own, nothing I do nor any success will truly be my own or self-made, because I will always need help from people along the way, and God will be the one facilitating it all. That’s something I not only need to remember but learn to trust in. Let God be God and do a work in me and through me, one that I wouldn’t even believe even if I was told. I think you should let the same be true for you and realize your life is not defined by your accomplishments or what you think you can do. You are worth so much more than you believe, and through God, you have the power to do so much.

Full devotional: http://pastorrick.com/devotional/english/are-you-ready-for-your-miracle

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