11/6/2017: BFBH Daily

“Courage is contagious. You’ll never know how many people will join you until you courageously step out in faith”

I think it’s so hard to be courageous because to me, courage is all about action. To be courageous, it involves taking a leap of faith. Being courageous is risky, and there is an element of fear that settles in before you decide to be courageous. It is not a feeling or emotion, but it is a choice, one that you consciously and repeatedly need to make. Just because you’re courageous today, doesn’t mean you will be again tomorrow. This devotion, reminding believers to be courageous and bold about their faith, is hard for me. And I want to remind you that being courageous is not easy, and it’s 100% okay to admit that it’s easier to go with the flow or hide what you believe because you fear judgement. I think that’s actually the first step to being courageous: admitting to yourself that you’re not and that you need God’s strength to do so. The admission that we can’t do it out of our own power or will allows us to rely on God, and when we rely on him, we can truly and courageously step out in faith. When we realize that it’s God that makes us courageous, it also makes us want to take that leap of faith because we are not simply doing it for our selves, but for Him.

  • Full devotional: http://pastorrick.com/devotional/english/full-post/your-courage-draws-unbelievers-to-god

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