Philippe by Philippe Chow

by Michaela Dunn

FAT Scale (Flavor, Appeal, Taste): 9

  • Flavor: 9
  • Appeal: 9
  • Taste: 9

HAPPY Scale (Hospitality, Atmosphere, Population, Price, Yearning for more): 7.7/10

  • Hospitality:  9
  • Atmosphere: 8.5
  • Population: Perfect for special occasions (anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, new jobs, date night)
  • Price: $$$ (Pricey but worth it, but still steep for the wallet)
  • Yearning for more: 8

Located in the Upper East Side, Philippe by Philippe Chow is a haven serving authentically elegant Beijing-style Chinese cuisine. From the moment you walk through the door, you can feel you are not just going to have a meal but an experience. As you’ll quickly notice, the staff plays an important role in your dining experience, and is eager to cater to all of your needs from the start. Furthermore, the dimly lit interior enhances the romantic atmosphere, accommodating for both date night and a place to gather with your closest friends to celebrate whatever the occasion may be. But let’s get real – you’re really reading this for the food, so let’s get to it.

The whole menu is absolutely divine with plenty of options for every picky eater, vegetarian, noodle lover, or self-proclaimed carnivore. It’s important to find a restaurant you love in which you can say, ‘to each their own’, and this is the one for me. Though I tried what seemed like every item on the menu, I do have favorites that if you order,  I think will make for an amazing dinner. As you sit down to browse the unique drink selection, a number of them on the list will catch our eye. The drink you should choose in the end, though, is the Lychee Martini. With Absolut Vodka, lychee juice, coconut cream, lime juice, and Citronge, you’ll be taken to the tropics with the first sip.

Starting with appetizers, you must get the Pork Soup Dumplings.

If this is all you taste from Philippe, I am confident in saying you will be completely satisfied. They hold so much flavor and just the right amount of broth for its bite size. Following the Pork Soup Dumplings, the Chicken Satay is a close second for me on my ‘must try’ list. Served on a skewer with Chef Chow’s famous drizzled peanut sauce on top, they come in a serving of three and will leave you wanting more. In all honesty, I could’ve eaten these as my main entree and have been more than satisfied.

Philippe offers three selections of noodles on the menu, and these should absolutely not be overlooked on your way to the entrees. While I could eat each of them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday, I must say that Mr. Cheng’s Noodles are as savory as everything I’ve heard about them, and at the top of my recommendation list. The noodles are melt-in-your-mouth soft and topped with the classic pork sauce which holds a perfect balance of salt and tang. Plus they photograph well 😉

Mr. Cheng’s Noodles

I have finally made it to my favorite portion of this menu, the entrees. As aforementioned, there is something to be found for every person in your dining party. If you came for the infamous Peking Duck, your experience has finally arrived. If you’re lucky, Chef Chow himself will participate in the carving, but the fellow chefs are just as impeccably gifted at carving the whole duck right at your table. The duck is cooked to perfection– the outside a crispy skin while the inside is tender and easy to slice. It was decadent to say the least.

Peking Duck

If you are searching a different route, I recommend the Surf & Turf and Salt & Pepper Shrimp. If split between two people, you will have a compilation of tender and juicy meat, buttery lobster tail, and lightly fried shrimp with just the right touch of seasoning. What more could you ask for?

Surf and Turf


By now, you may be so full you’re thinking of unbuttoning your pants, but in dining at Philippe, you should most definitely save room for dessert. The Cotton Candy Baked Alaska: the dessert they literally set to flames right before your eyes. This strawberry and vanilla bean ice cream tower with roasted strawberries, wrapped in side a giant igloo of cotton candy is exactly what I would want to satisfy my sweet tooth. Another notable mention is the Chocolate Molten Cake, a flourless chocolate cake with dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream.

So stop reading this and head to Philippe Chow as soon as time allows. What may seem like steep prices is truly worth it, as you’ll leave feeling full from timeless Philippe recipes and an all around experience that you’ll want to share with all fellow foodies.

Stay hungry,


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