More than just Money: How to be Generous

Giving Tuesday normally occurs on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, but that feels like a lifetime away and God knows this world needs some generosity and joy right now, hence the first #GivingTuesdayNow on March 5, 2020 (the year and decade that represented hope and renewal not long ago, but has quickly turned sour into a whirlwind of confusion and chaos).  As we slowly come to and pick up the pieces of our new reality, I’ve been thinking a lot about generosity and community: what does this practically mean for our lives right now? How do we authentically come together while apart and genuinely serve one another’s needs?

I’ve come to realize that generosity extends way past giving away money, but it’s about taking on a posture of generosity: “showing a continued readiness to give more of something than is expected,” which I think we need now more than ever.

It’s hard to be generous during difficulties, but I believe it’s in these challenges that we need generosity most. We must be generous with ourselves and care for our mental, emotional and physical health. We should be generous with our time and find sources of joy through community, committing time and energy into the people and things we love. We must be ready to give more kindness, extend grace and exercise more patience with each other as we each face daily problems. And yes, we have to be generous with our finances, finding meaningful ways to give to those that need it more than we do. Having a generous heart now actually brings joy and makes it easier to get through this. Let’s be the type of people that plant seeds of generosity and nurture it through this hard season, until it beautifully blooms on brighter days ahead of us. They are coming. In the meantime, hold this with you and take on a posture of generosity with me.

Below are some rad organizations and causes that I believe represent a wide range of people and serve different yet equally important needs:

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Since 1982, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen has fed over 9 million meals to New Yorkers facing hunger and food insecurity. They have never missed a meal service through all crises we’ve faced, and as emergency first responders, they continue to commit to their guests in need through modified hot meal distribution during COVID-19. Their Operation HopeFULL Campaign needs us to help fund their operations so that they can keep smoothly and safely feeding others. $3 = 1 Hot Meal. Learn more and donate here.

Off Their Plate / Frontline Foods:

These are two organizations that are serving frontline workers AND small businesses, by raising funds for restaurants to open so that they can operate and fund employees, as well as create meals for healthcare workers.

Off Their Plate “creates a conduit for local communities to provide nutritious meals to the hospital teams we depend on and economic relief to local workers who have been affected by COVID.” Learn more and donate here.

Frontline Foods, “supports local restaurants that have been impacted by shelter-in-place measures, while feeding healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic.” Learn more and donate here.

Both organizations are partnered with World Central Kitchen to help process donations.

Together Card:

A group of friends got together with a desire to make a positive impact for the local, businesses that have been negatively affected by this pandemic. This platform feeds into the lives of small businesses by encouraging people to buy gift cards so these business owners have needed cash flow to operate. You can buy a gift card for yourself or someone else here. And these are some of my favorite businesses in NYC and nationwide. 🙂

Stay hungry (to feed your appetite, your soul and others),

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