Feed Your Soul

Eating, to me, is an important and religious experience essential to leading a good life, but feeding your soul is even more important. Living a good life, one that is pleasing to the Lord and full of rich experiences is critical. However, life is a complex combination of various and sometimes contradictory moments, and it can be hard to navigate through it all. On this page, I will share my thoughts and feelings on daily occurrences, profound realizations, and anything in between. I always say to “stay hungry”, and in this context, I mean stay hungry to learn and grow, a process of life that should never stop. I want to express myself as I learn and grow alongside you, as I am by no means an expert on life. I suck at it as much as the next person, and so think of this as my unfiltered journal. “BFBH Daily” will just be my thoughts based off my daily devotion or reading from the Bible. The other stuff will probably be things I’ve had some time to steep into and analyze. So welcome to my mind, my unedited and raw experiences and gleanings. If you can relate or be encouraged by anything I’m saying, then fantastic. If not, well we all think differently, and hopefully we can both be open-minded enough to absorb each other’s ideas and discuss.