SPAM® Brand x @befatbehappy Collaboration

I was originally supposed to go to two NYC-based restaurants, to find and experience SPAM in different dishes, and then COVID-19 happened. We quickly pivoted, and I created two original recipes using SPAM® Classic, as ideal comfort food options for people to easily make right at home. As a Filipino-American that grew up eating SPAM, this was both a seamless and highly effective campaign. As a fun twist, I introduced the activation to my followers with one recipe, and then I gave my audience agency to choose the second recipe through an Instagram Story Poll. I also cross-promoted another SPAM® collaboration, in which Chef Jordan Andino shared an original recipe on Instagram Live. 

Post Impressions: 61,228
Post Reach: 57,008
Post Shares/Saves: 468
Story Impressions: 24,261 
Story Reach: 22,381
Story Interactions (Replies, Sticker Taps, Shares, Votes): 498

as of July 9, 2020 from Instagram Insights

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